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about NPWW

About NPWW

The Nigerian Professional Working Women (NPWW) is the largest and most recognized network of female executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the Nigeria, with membership spanning more than two (2) million women, seeking greater opportunities to fulfill their professional and personal goals.

We are registered with the Federal Ministry Of Women Affairs and Social Development. Our partners include, reputable national and international organisations, who are as passionate as we are, in matters affecting the welfare of women in all strata.

Members enjoy a wealth of benefits and resources. These include seminars, webinars, advanced educational tool, employment, secured loans, business exposure opportunities, and an expanding network of local chapters throughout the country.

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Business Mentorship

This programme is about connecting members (who are new in business or thinking about business ventures) with mentors.

Who are our mentors?

Our mentors are accomplished women in various industries,and professios, who offer their time freely to support other members in building up their businesses, and future.

Needless to say, this is an invaluable service to our members. Some of our mentors are successful women based in the USA, CANADA, UK & AUSTRALIA.

Secured Loans

Raising capital for business in Nigeria is like threading a carmel,through the eye of a needle – virtually impossible especially for women.

However, through our membership network, we are able to offer secured loans of up to 5 million Naira,to members subject to established criteria,and offered at interest rates, much,much lower than the conventional banks. This is a very popular service for obvious reasons.

Networking With Women Groups Internationally

NPWW actively promotes relationships and information sharing with other women groups in Europe ,United States of America & Australia .

We currently, partner with National Association of Professional Women groups,based in the USA.

Promotion of Functional Education For Members

Nothing hinders a person’s progress more than a poor education or none at all.
Most women lose out on pursuing their own educational dreams while having children and supporting their husbands’ careers.

Ultimately, they end up with poor education which hinders their progress in the employment market. To tackle this challenge, NPWW has invested a substantial amount in a fund, that will ensure that every woman who wants a functional and professional education, is not hindered by lack of fund or guidance.


Women economic empowerment refers to the ability for women to enjoy their right to control and benefit from the resources, assets, incomes, and their own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well being.


NPWW leaders know, live and breathe the mission, advance the influence of women as leaders and help develop the next generation of leaders to create a no limits work environment for women.

It is not in an esoteric or abstract goal. It is descriptive, clear and understandable, based on their own experiences, their own career opportunities and obstacles, their own paths to positions of leadership. Each brings a perspective of the power vision that members can identify with and strive to realize.

2020 program

our magazine

The NPWW quarterly specialized Magazine is the official mouthpiece of the organization. Its circulation and print runs comparably ,and favourably I might add with international specialized periodicals. It circulates amongst members, top gender activists, policy makers, leaders and international donor and agencies.

Skill Up Flyer

Skill Up Academy

Creating wealth and opportunity through skill acquisition, training, and retraining.

Courses: Fashion, Front Office Management, Catering, Make Up Application, Soap Making, Pastry Making, Beads Making, Shoes & Handbag Making, Online/Network Business, Export/Import Training

Date: 13th – 21st January, 2020
Form Fee: ₦2,000



Sponsors are welcome from different states and all over Nigeria. Sponsors are invited from individual private citizens, philanthropists, well- meaning Nigerians, industrialist, Organizations, indigenous, and foreign companies, and corporations. We appreciate all donations.

All donations should be made to our account below:



N.B: companies, organizations, and individuals want the NPWW to advertise or promote their products, can be accommodated under a different arrangement.


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